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Shogo Sato 佐藤 正午

Shogo Sato (1955–) was born in Nagasaki Prefecture. He won the Subaru Literary Prize in 1983 for Eien no 1/2 (Half of Eternity), which became a bestseller and was adapted into a movie. His novel Janpu (Jump) was named the best book of the year by Hon no zasshi (Magazine of Books), a book review magazine, in 2000. His other works include Kojin kyoju (Private Lessons), Toriatsukai chui (Read before Using), and Y. In 2017, He won the Naoki Prize for Tsuki no michikake (The Revolutions of the Moon).

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A Checkered Past

A Checkered Past

Minoue banashi / 身の上話

Shogo Sato

First-person narrator Kengo Katsuki relates his wife Michiru’s story, going back to events in her life before they met. The account begins when Michiru is 23 and working as a bookstore clerk in a ...


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