Privacy Policy

Kobunsha’s Procedures for Protecting Personal Information

Kobunsha recognizes the importance of personal information (information that can identify an individual). In order to ensure proper data collection, use, protection and security management, we adhere to the following privacy policy:

  1. In addition to establishing operating procedures concerning the protection of personal information, we manage personal information appropriately by designating an administrator who is responsible for the management of personal information.
  2. We establish the purpose of using personal information and collect data through appropriate methods insofar as it is necessary for achieving the stated purpose.
  3. In the event that personal information is provided by users, we inform users of the intended use for that information.
  4. We will not provide personal information to third parties except when we receive explicit consent from the individual(s) concerned, when required by law, or when there is a legitimate and legal reason.
  5. We will take appropriate measures to prevent tampering, leakage, unauthorized access, etc. of personal information.
  6. When delegating the handling of personal information to those outside our company, we select reliable and trustworthy outside contractors and enter into contracts concerning personal information protection with those contractors.
  7. We will respond appropriately and promptly to requests to confirm or correct the details of personal information from the individual concerned.
  8. We continue to review this policy and the necessary measures for the protection of personal information, and make efforts to improve it.

*The Personal Information Protection Law is not applicable to the use of personal information for reporting purposes, etc.

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