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Yutaka Maekawa 前川 裕

Yutaka Maekawa (1951–) was born in Tokyo and graduated from the Hitotsubashi University Faculty of Law. He subsequently completed graduate work in comparative literature and culture at the University of Tokyo, and held a number of academic appointments, including visiting professor at Stanford University, prior to taking up his current position as professor in the Faculty of Intercultural Communication at Hōsei University. He made his debut as a fiction writer after winning the Japan Mystery Fiction Prize for New Writers in 2011 for his novel Kurīpī (Creepy); the published book was voted No. 1 in the New Writer Top Ten of the 2013 Konomys rankings. His other titles include Atoroshitī (Atrocity), Koku: Hāshu (Harsh), and Aparishon (Aparition).

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Kuripi / クリーピー

Yutaka Maekawa

Who is the person who lives next door? Koichi Takakura is a criminology professor who lives with his wife Yasuko in the suburbs of central Tokyo. Like many married couples, the Takakuras hadn’t given ...


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