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Kozue Osaki 大崎 梢

Kozue Ōsaki made her literary debut in 2006 with Haitatsu akazukin: Seifūdō Shoten jiken memo (Red Riding Hood Delivery: The Seifūdō Bookstore Case Files), a collection of linked stories featuring as the detective a female college student with a part-time job in a bookstore, a livelihood the author herself held for a time. Three additional volumes followed, with both bookstore staff and book reviewers talking the series up and helping cement Ōsaki’s position as a writer. She has since produced a steady stream of popular works for children as well as adults, mainly in the puzzler vein. Her other titles include the Hiradai ga omachikane (The Display Tables Are Waiting) series, which features a publisher’s sales rep as the protagonist; the novel Sunōfurēku (Snowflakes), which became a feature film; the novel Kimi wa shiranai (You Don’t Know); and the story collection Wasuremono ga todokimasu (Forgotten Items for Delivery).

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Forgotten Items for Delivery

Forgotten Items for Delivery

Wasuremono ga todokimasu / 忘れ物が届きます

Kozue Osaki

In this collection of five short mysteries, “Nobara no niwa e (To the Garden of Wild Roses) takes place at a luxurious villa in the old capital of Kamakura, south of Tokyo. Shihoko ...


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