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Ryohei Sasamoto 笹本 稜平

Ryohei Sasamoto (1951–) was born in Chiba Prefecture and graduated from Rikkyo University with a degree in sociology. He made his publishing debut in 2000 with the novel Biggu buraza wo ute! (Shoot Big Brother!). His 2001 private-eye mystery Toki no nagisa (The Shores of Time) won the Suntory Mystery Grand Prize and took the Readers’ Prize in the same competition as well. He added to his honors in 2003 by garnering the Haruhiko Oyabu Award for Taiheiyo no bara (Pacific Rose). His collection of linked stories about troubled people who visit a mountain lodge, Haru wo seotte (Shouldering Spring), was adapted for release on the big screen in June 2014. His novels range from grand adventure stories to hardboiled mysteries to mountaineering tales.

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Internal Affairs Investigator

Internal Affairs Investigator

Soko Chosakan / 素行調査官

Ryohei Sasamoto

Takeshi Hongo, 34, is an investigator in the Internal Affairs section of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Formerly a private detective, he was taken on as an irregular hire by the MPD for his ...


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