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Mitsutaka Yuki 結城 充孝

Mitsutaka Yuki (1970–) was born in Saitama Prefecture. He became an avid reader of period novels and science fiction while in high school, and was subsequently involved with independent filmmaking before trying his hand at fiction writing in his late twenties. He made his publishing debut in 2004, when he won the Dengeki Novel Silver Prize for Kiseki no hyogen (Miraculous Expression). In 2008 he took the Japan Mystery Fiction Prize for New Writers for Pura-Barokku (Pla-Baroque); since then he has published two sequels featuring Detective Kuroha, Ekoikku memorii (Echoic Memory) and Eisei o tsukai, watashi ni (To Me via Satellite). His short story Ame ga furu koro (When It Rains; included in the volume Eisei o tsukai, watashi ni) was short-listed for the Mystery Writers of Japan Award for Short Stories in 2010. He has garnered a great deal of attention as one of a new generation of police novel writers.

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Pura-barokku / プラ・バロック

Mitsutaka Yuki

In a refrigerated container sitting on reclaimed land in the harbor district, 14 frozen corpses are found lying neatly in a row. The evidence seems to suggest that it is a mass suicide by sleeping pill, ...


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