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Hika Harada 原田 ひ香

Hika Harada (1970–) was born in Kanagawa Prefecture. She won the Radio Drama Grand Prize in 2006 for Ritoru purinsesu 2-gō (Little Princess No. 2). The following year she received the Subaru Literary Prize for Hajimaranai tii taimu (The Tea Time That Never Comes). In 2011 she created quite a stir with Tokyo Rondaringu (Tokyo Laundering), a novel about a woman who makes her living by house-sitting homes that have been vacated after an unnatural death. Among her more recent works is Kanojo no kakeibo (Her Household Account Book), which vividly traces the lives and loves of three generations of women in a family.

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Rambling Mother

Rambling Mother

Haha-oya uesutan / 母親ウエスタン

Hika Harada

Hiromi drifts from one motherless home to another, serving as a surrogate mother to children whose single fathers—truck drivers, crewmen on far-roaming fishing boats—are away for extended periods of ...


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