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Shusuke Michio 道尾 秀介

Shūsuke Michio (1975–) takes his pen name from the mystery writer Michio Tsuzuki, one of his idols. Michio first became interested in reading in high school, when he was inspired by the works of Yasunari Kawabata and Osamu Dazai. He began writing short-shorts in college and continued producing fiction after graduation in his time away from work. His first break as an author came when he received the Horror and Suspense Special Prize for Se no me (Eyes in the Back) in 2004; the following year he quit his job to write full-time. In 2009 his novel Karasu no oyayubi (By Rule of Crow’s Thumb) earned the Mystery Writers of Japan Award in addition to a Naoki Prize nomination; in a testament to the consistently high quality of his work, he was nominated for the biannual prize four more times on his way to winning it in 2011 with Tsuki to kani (Moon and Crab). Other honors include the 2010 Yamamoto Shūgorō Prize for Kōbai no hana (Flowers of Light), a collection of linked short stories. With his knack for easily crossing over genres such as horror and the mystery, Michio is a promising hitmaker among the new generation of writers. Other titles include the story collection Oni no ashioto (The Demon’s Footfalls), and the novels Kyūtai no hebi (The Swollen Snake) and Tōmei kamereon (The Invisible Chameleon).

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Rattoman / ラットマン

Shusuke Michio

Ryo Himekawa is the guitarist in an amateur band formed 14 years earlier. The day he has an argument with his lover from high school days, her corpse is discovered in the studio where their band practices. ...


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