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Tsukasa Sakaki 坂木 司

Tsukasa Sakaki (1969–) was born in Tokyo. Except for revealing the year and place of his/her birth, the author chooses to remain incognito. Sakaki’s literary debut came in 2002 with Aozora no tamago (Sky Egg), which became the first volume in a well-received three-book series featuring the “shut-in detective” Shin’ichi Torii. In these and other titles, Sakaki creates scenarios in which the protagonists experience personal growth in the course of solving the “everyday mysteries” they encounter.

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The Confectionery Mysteries

The Confectionery Mysteries

Wagashi no Anne / 和菓子のアン

Tsukasa Sakaki

Kyōko Umemoto is a slightly chubby 18-year-old-girl. Having recently graduated from high school, she remains undecided about what to do next with her life. Then one day she sees a “Help Wanted” sign ...


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