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Ryuji Morita 盛田 隆二

Ryuji Morita (1954–) was born in Tokyo. Formerly a magazine editor, he made his debut as a writer in 1990 with Sutorito chirudoren (Street Children), which was a finalist for the Noma Prize for New Writers. In 1992, his Saudaji (Saudade) was a finalist for the Mishima Prize. He is highly regarded for the unflinching realism with which he portrays love and heartbreak. His 2004 novel Yoru no hate made (To the End of Night) sold over 300,000 copies to become a bestseller. His short story Fruits of Shinjuku has been translated into English as well as French, and is being considered for adaptation to film in France.

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The Two Shizukas

The Two Shizukas

Futari Shizuka / 二人静

Ryuji Morita

Shugo Machida, still a bachelor at 32, works for a food company. Three years ago his 60-year-old mother died of Parkinson’s disease; Shugo’s father—who never imagined that his stouthearted ...


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