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Tetsuzo Fukuzawa 福澤 徹三

Tetsuzo Fukuzawa (1962–) was born in Fukuoka Prefecture. He made his publishing debut in 2000 with the horror story collection Genjitsu (Sun Dog), retitled Saisei botan (Play Button) for the compact paperback edition. The polished prose displayed throughout immediately established Fukuzawa as a horror author to watch. He has also gained a high reputation for his outlaw novels, and in 2008 won the Haruhiko Oyabu Award for Sujibori (Line Tattoo).

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Refugee in Tokyo

Refugee in Tokyo

Tokyo nanmin / 東京難民

Tetsuzo Fukuzawa

Osamu Tokieda is in his third year at a college on the outskirts of Tokyo. He is revelling in the easy student life, spending time with his girlfriend and earning pocket money at a part-time job, when ...


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