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Sayuri Ueda 上田 早夕里

Since her debut in 2003, Sayuri Ueda has published a series of highly original, much discussed works, gaining avid fans not only in Japan but throughout Asia and the West. Karyu no miya (The Ocean Chronicles) won the Hayakawa Publishing “SF ga Yomitai!” Award for Best Japanese SF Novel in 2010 as well as the 32nd Japan SF Award and 10th Sense of Gender Award in 2011.

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Fin and Claw

Fin and Claw

Uobune, kemonobune / 魚舟・獣舟

Sayuri Ueda

After the collapse of modern civilization, most of our future planet’s surface is covered by water. The interactions of the surviving humans with Ichtyonaus and Thérionaus, peculiar creatures that ...


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