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Soji Shimada 島田 荘司

Soji Shimada was born in Hiroshima in 1948. After graduating from Musashino University of Art, he worked as a truck driver, musician, and writer. In 1981 he made his authorial debut with the novel The Tokyo Zodiac Murders. A prolific writer, he has produced several series of novels, including his Kiyoshi Mitarai and Takeshi Yoshiki series. His works have been translated throughout Asia, where he enjoys enormous popularity as a leading writer of modern Japanese detective novels.

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The Ryugatei Murders

The Ryugatei Murders

Ryugatei jiken / 龍臥亭事件

Soji Shimada

Ishioka is a mystery writer. One day a woman asks him to travel with her to Okayama Prefecture to exorcise an evil spirit. Disembarking at a gloomy train station, they journey deep into the mountains to ...


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