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Masaya Yamaguchi 山口 雅也

Masaya Yamaguchi was born in Kanagawa Prefecture and graduated from the Faculty of Law at Waseda University. He has written several mystery books since the 1970s, when he was still in university, making his professional debut in 1989 with the full-length novel Ikeru shikabane no shi (Death of the Living Dead). In 1994 his work Mysteries placed 1st in the “Kono Mystery ga Sugoi!” (Best Japanese Mystery Novel of the Year) awards, and in 1995 his work Nihon satsujin jiken (The Japan Murder Case) won the 48th Mystery Writers of Japan Award in the Short Stories and Collection of Serial Short Stories category.

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Death of the Living Dead

Death of the Living Dead

Ikeru shikabane no shi / 生ける屍の死

Masaya Yamaguchi

It is the late 1900s, and strange occurrences of “resurrection of the dead” are occurring all over the United States. Amidst this, Smiley Barleycorn, the immensely wealthy founder of Smile Cemetery ...


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