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Kakuho Aoe 青江 覚峰

Kakuho Aoe (1977–) is a priest of the Jodo Shinshu Honganji School of Buddhism. He also obtained an MBA at California State University. As the head cook at a Buddhist temple, he strives to spread the way of Buddhist cuisine and food education based on Buddhist philosophy. He also appears on popular TV cooking programs in Japan, demonstrating how to utilize Buddhist philosophy in home cooking. The dishes he introduces are easy to make and add some modern touches to traditional dishes.

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Temple Cuisine

Temple Cuisine

Itsumo no, otera no okazu / いつもの、お寺のおかず

Kakuho Aoe

In Buddhist temples, a monk with the title of tenzo prepares all food dishes every day. The author of this book, one of the most famous tenzo in Japan, introduces over 50 recipes which ...


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