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Atsushi Miura 三浦 展

Atsushi Miura (1958–) earned a degree in social sciences from Hitotsubashi University. He served as editor-in-chief of the marketing magazine Across published by Parco Co., then worked at the Mitsubishi Research Institute. In 1999 he established the think tank Culture Studies. He is the author of many works, including Fasuto fūdo-ka suru Nihon (Japan’s Increasingly Casual Cultural Climate), Daiyon no shōhi (The Fourth Phase of Consumption), and Tōkyō wa kōgai kara kiete iku (Tokyo Will Disappear from the Suburbs).

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Downwardly Mobile Society

Downwardly Mobile Society

Karyu shakai: Aratana kaiso shudan no shutsugen / 下流社会:新たな階層集団の出現

Atsushi Miura

The title of this book is a coinage of the writer that reflects the changes that have come to Japan, a place where rapid economic growth once made the vast majority of the population middle class. “Downwardly ...


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